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What To Do With Daylight

Brooke Fraser
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Brooke Fraser: New Zealand's Finest

Made by gjenkins05

This is a community for fans of New Zealand musician Brooke Fraser.

Brooke's debut album, What To Do With Daylight, released in New Zealand on January 12, 2004.

Here is some basic info about her:

Full name: Brooke Gabrielle Fraser

Birthday: 15 December 1983

Birthplace: Wellington, NZ. Grew up in Naenae

Family: Dad Bernie Fraser (former all-black), mum - Lynda, 2 younger brothers

Education: Naenae College, Naenae Intermediate, Wellington.

Musical influences: Marvin Gaye, James Taylor, John Mayer, India Arie, Nat King Cole, Marvin Gaye, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and Sheryl Crow.

Musical instruments played: Acoustic guitar (self taught at 16), Piano (started at age 7)

Awards: Most promising Woman Musician Award & Overall winner 1999 Hutt Valley Pepsi Smokefree Rockquest regional finals

How she was discovered: Brooke received some label interest when she was in Year 11 (age 15) but says, at that time, it wasn’t the right thing for her. She decided she wanted to get her A bursary, and thats what she did. The next year when Brooke was in Auckland Scotty the drummer for Elemeno P organized a meeting with Matty J for her. Matty J became her manager, shopped her around the labels and the offers started pouring in. Brooke had about 5 different labels offering her deals and in late 2002 she ended up signing a multi-album deal with Sony.

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