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Sydney Concert 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm really new to livejournal, so be patient with me! I may stuff this post up a little.

Just wondering if anyone else went to the concert in Sydney, 2007? I was there with my best friend, we had an amazing time! im going to post a couple of pictures, i have plenty but i don't want to overload the community just yet!

I will post a pic of the merchandise and tickets too, just have to get home to do that!

Brooke Fraser 1


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Nice pictures!! :D

If you want to post more pictures you can always use an lj-cut! :D
Oops, sorry :\

The ones you posted are fine, I was just saying if you wanted to post the rest you could do them all at once using an lj-cut. :D
Oh that's ok, i just thought i should edit this one so i dont kill everyones pages with large images!

I will add more when i get home this afternoon :)
The first two photos are great.
Thanks :)
The lighting was really NOT great. Plus we weren't all that close either so it was hard to get good shots of her!